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Freelance Web Designer and SEO Services in Everett, Seattle, Bellevue | SEO Company | Link Building | SEO | Terry Turner | http://www.tnturner.com
Today is July 22, 2018
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SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization - (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is the use of various techniques to improve a web site's ranking in the search engines thus attracting more visitors to your website. Search Engine optimization can be very complex but at it's basic level it just involves well written code, such as META tags, correct page naming, usage of researched keywords on the web pages and correct keyword placement in H1 and Title tags.
A simple example of a technique is changing the spelling of a keyword on the web pages, such as website. The reason for doing this is that people spell words differently when searching for something on the internet like Freelance website designer everett, wa or Freelance web site designer everett wa, also by explaining this to you on this page I have added that keyword phrase twice.

Go ahead and see the different results from the spelling and see my google page ranking here
Hint: Change the spelling of website to web site and see the difference.

These are some of the SEO technique used and for many clients these techniques are sufficient in that they will now be found in search engine queries with an improved ranking.

Advanced SEO Services

Advanced SEO services are in most cases dictated by your competition. You may say "But I don't have any competition, I don't sell anything" and you may be correct in that assumption, it all depends on what it is that you offer. If your web site is information on Flying Blue Widgets then I would agree with you in that no one else is offering that information and just basic SEO services would be all you need to be found in search engines, however if your site is an informational website about (Your) chicken recipes, then you do have competition in that (other people) offer chicken recipes.
It all depends on what you offer and how well the other sites are developed, these factors dictate if any advanced SEO services are needed.

My SEO Services

Many factors come into play when determining the extent of SEO services needed and not until I have done some informational gathering would I be able to address your business needs. I do not suggest anything unless I truly believe it is needed, and in the end it is your choice whether or not to to use my advise. My goal is to make my clients happy with my services and never offer any un-needed services ever! My reputation, honesty and professionalism will always rule when it comes to my clients.

When developing an SEO optimized website and strategy for my clients, information gathering is needed. See Plan Your WebSite here for more information on that or by using the above link on the menu.
Part of the SEO services I offer are keyword research and placement, creation of external Social Media accounts, link backs from other targeted accounts, and video placement on sites such as YouTube if applicable, which again would depend on your competition and what content you serve.

Please contact me for more information and/or a free proposal.

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