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Today is July 22, 2019
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Things to know

How much does it cost to build a website?

There are many factors that are going dictate the ultimate cost of a web site. These factors include how many pages you need, are you selling a product or offering a service, how much graphic work is going to be done, or do you need SEO services.
See my Rates to get a better understanding of the cost to build a website.

How long does it take to design and build a web site?

Again it all depends on the extent of your needs and the complexity of the website you want developed. I can tell you that a basic 5 page website with minimul graphics can take about a week after the initial information gathering. If you need custom graphics, SEO Services, shopping cart, a Photo gallery or a blog along with the website it may take up to a month before it goes live. It all depends upon your needs.
See Plan Your WebSite to know what all is involved in the process.

What is a Domain name?

A domain name is like an address or a phone number. It points visitors to your website when they are searching for a product or service on the internet. A domain itself is not your email or web address, however it is the base from which they are derived from.

Company Name: Your company
Domain Name: yoursite.com
Web Address: www.yoursite.com
Email Address: you@yoursite.com

I have seen people that have a website but use there personal hotmail account for all business correspondence. Using a 3rd party email account for a business, such as hotmail or Yahoo can turn away potential clients. It lacks professionalism and trust. Most Domain hosting companies give you the ability to create many email addresses for your company along with email storage space at no extra cost.

How Do I Buy a Domain Name?

Once you have decided on a name for your website, visit GoDaddy and type in the name to see if it available. Yes it is possible that the name you want has already been registered. If it is available register the name, that is the first step. If the name has been taken go to www.NameBoy.com It is a free domain name generator service and try different combinations of words to find one you like. It will show available combinations that are unregistered.

I Registered a Domain Name Now What?

Now you have to decide where to host the website. I use GoDaddy because of pricing, up time, customer service and ease of use but there are other hosting companies out there that offer similiar features and service.
Once you have decided on the hosting company you have to decide on the server type to run your website on. Since I program using PHP I prefer a Linux Server, they go together like Peanut Butter and jelly! (can you tell I am a little bias)? But in the end it is your choice as to the hosting company and server type.
I do offer to arrange any site hosting for you so you do not have to deal with the technical part of setting up the account. All this will be discussed during the information gathering phase. See Plan Your WebSite.

How Do I Get Found in Search Engines?

Getting your site found in search engines is easy, getting your site with a good page ranking takes well written code, SEO techniques and patience. It can take weeks and even months to climb the search engine ladder to a good page ranking. Some basic techniques to start with are not secret SEO tricks but good coding practices... like doing keyword research for your product, service or the information you offer and correct page placement for those keywords.
Using the correct keywords in the Title and H1 tags, and creating link backs will also give you better page ranking but all this takes time for your ranking to go up.
This is just basic things that can get you a better page ranking, however most of your page ranking in search engines has to do with your competition and other factors. View SEO Services to learn more about getting your website found in search engines and what other factors are involved.

Can you get me on the first page of Google?

Maybe, it depends on many factors and I can't guarantee it, no one can. There are some SEO companies that say they can guarantee getting you on the first page before they even know what your website is about, don't believe it! In fact companies that make such claims may in many cases be utilizing BlackHat SEO techniques and those techniques actually hurt your page ranking and can even get your website banned. There are to many factors that dictate your page ranking in search engines and without doing a lot of research first; making this type of claim is just plain bogus!
I would suggest you keep looking or better yet hire me! Please view SEO Services above for more information.

Black Hat SEO?Black Hat SEO or spamdexing, use methods such as link farms, keyword stuffing and article spinning. These methods degrade the user-experience and can get your website penalized by search engines.

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