Today is November 22, 2017
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Branding your website

Branding can make or break a company

A logo (website/company branding) is a very important part of your business online and off. All your marketing efforts should incorporate your logo into it, whether it is email, postal or print, anything and everything that a consumer will view should have your logo.

The purpose of branding is to get consumers to recall your business, product or the service you offer from their memory.

Look at all the big brands, such as; Pepsi, Microsoft, Apple and even the golden arches of McDonalds. All these companies you would recognize just by the logo. A logo defines your company and brings about brand recognition.

There are essential things that your website has to offer besides a memorable/unique logo to have good branding, your website has to provide information or services that users desire (the content of your website) and it is important that the content is also easy to find and use, this is termed site usability this in part can determine the strength of your brand.

It is also important that you add value to your website, such as providing information or services that exceed the user's expectations and hopefully that of your competitions.

No matter your product or service (Good) branding is key and can make or break a company, so designing a website that incorporates the above and marketing with your logo is essential, otherwise you end up being one of the million websites that no one remembers.

I design logos that are memorable; ones that will represent your company in a way that will make you stand out in the sea of websites that is the internet.

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